Thursday, March 26, 2009

How do i get more traffic for my blog site?

what is the best marketing strategy to get more people to learn my site and clik on the ads?
How do i get more traffic for my blog site?
well if you have an account on a popular wwebsite post your blog adress in your signiture and make sure you post alot and tell your friends about it
How do i get more traffic for my blog site?
Well, you don%26#039;t have to go far at all. Just use %26quot;Yahoo Answers%26quot; where you are right now.

Log in to your account and answer a bunch of questions (like I%26#039;m doing today) and get a lot of traffic from very interested visitors. The more interested they are, the better chance they will click on your ads.

Hope this helps!
Reply:Usually to promote your blog through the Search Engines, Forums or different Social Networks online.

When it comes to receiving more free natural traffic from the search engines you should focus on adding more incoming links to your blog.

This can usually be made by adding your blog to different social bookmarking websites, or by adding your blog address to forum signatures in different discussion forums.

You could also leave comments on different blogs online with your blog address included in your signature.

There are may ways to increase your traffic, but here were just a few of them.

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Reply:You have to continue to write 250-350 keyword rich posts every singl day and eventually people will start landing on your site. Also submit your blog into all the blog directories online.
Reply:There are plenty of ways to promote your site.

1)Article Marketing

Really a powerful method in getting audience. Write a good article based on your niche topic and submit it in article directories. Just go to google or yahoo and search for %26quot;free article directories%26quot;. It will suggest you a host of directories that you can easily submit your writings. When people surf in that certain directory, they might stumble into your article and you got all the fame needed to be successful in Internet Marketing.


This method is just like the article writing. You write what you want but good contents for your audience in blogs. The better you got, the more audience you get. You can also submit the same contents that you wrote in blogs in article directories. You get instant viewers if your article is in top 10 within your niche

3)Offer free stuffs

It%26#039;s always good to get free stuffs. Everyone likes it.So offer some free stuffs such as e-books or software for your audience. You will get a good, loyal and repeating audience. If you are looking for FREE e-books to market it in your site, check out this link. provides a host of e-books on internet marketing. The e-books will be updated weekly. So hurry up and get your best one soon.

4)E-mail Marketing

It%26#039;s as easy as ABC. Just promote your site to all your online contacts using e-mail.Write a good email that will attract your audience. If you got the contents right and able to convince your contacts , you are on your way to success.

5)SEO-Search Engine Optimization

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6)You Tube Videos

Use free videos from you tube and paste the links in your site. People like video tutorials better than articles or e-books.
Reply:There are two ways to get free traffic to your blog-site - so excluding PayPerclick and other paid adverts.

1) Improve the layout of your web pages so that they are better organised for the search terms that you are interested in. This accounts for about

25% of traffic in Google

2) Get other sites to link back to you. This accounts for about 75% of your Google traffic.

We provide SEO services to small businesses to do just that and can provide examples of sites where we have had a fantastic effect on traffic.

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