Thursday, March 26, 2009

What is the best way to market and sell a event of mine on the internet.?

I held a conference where I was the main speaker. I want to market and sell the event on cd, but don%26#039;t know how to market and sell it online. Can anyone help me get started.
What is the best way to market and sell a event of mine on the internet.?
well there are several ways you could do that.

!. you could try and sell it on e-bay you can even start your own store there.

2. you could go to and start your own web page.

3. what about the conference you were involved in?

can they help you promote your CD?

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What is the best way to market and sell a event of mine on the internet.?

Sounds like you are pretty serious and know your stuff.

To make the most money and even create a business I

would suggest that you learn how to do Product Launches.

Search for %26quot;Jeff Walker%26quot; %26quot;Product Launch Formula%26quot; on Google, YouTube, and MySpaceTV. This should lead you to a bunch of good free information. The course PLF2.0 is not

available right now (very expensive also $2k) but this is the

best method\system for promoting a product like yours.

Also search for Frank Kern %26quot;MassControl%26quot; and Jeff Johnson.

Hope this helps.

Email me if I can help you further.

David aka IMBonusGuy
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Reply:Hi,You Can Start Here
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Reply:There are several ways to do this -- you can start with putting up a blog, joining social networking sites like myspace and facebook. Start socializing online and going on blogs, commenting and leading back to your site or product. I also recommend that you check out event posting websites -- one such website is -- it%26#039;s this great website where you can post and search for events, and add friends too. Try it out, I usually go there first to search for things to do.
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Reply:well you could as suggested put up a website on googlepages, then make a few video%26#039;s about what you are offering and get them up onto every video site you can lay your hands on. There are endless ways, but your first stop is to get a website up, does not have to be flash but no good doing videos if you have no where to send the people. So maybe you should sit down and write a list of what you want to do and call me or email me and I will help you put it together in a managable list, and give you a starting point. Let me know what you think

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